1. Identification Documents

Public companies:

  • Proof of employment and position
  • Bizfile profile valid within 6 month from the date of remittance

Private companies:

  • Proof of sole or combined ownership of over 25 percent of the company
  • Bizfile profile valid within 6 month from the date of remittance

2. Fill Up Form

Public all details in Chinese when remitting to China (CNY) or Taiwan (TWD) account. For remittance to other countries, provide all details in English.

Not sure how to fill up the form? Click here to view a sample.

Or contact our customer services:
Tel: 9850 1098

3. Supporting Documents

For remittance over SGD 20,000:
Provide bank or transfer statements, cheques or cashier’s order showing source of funds.
For remittance over SGD 50,000:
Provide proof of purchasing or funding such as invoices or payment vouchers.

4. Visit our branch

Visit any of our branches with:

  1. Completed Remittance Form
  2. Identification documents
  3. Supporting documents (If remitting over SGD 20,000)
  4. Payment

We accept:

  • Cash
  • ATM/Internet Banking Transfer to
    DBS Bank Ltd 0720407199
  • Cheque or cashier’s order made payable to
    Mobile Community Tech Pte. Ltd.

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