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MCT Pay is a full-service digital payment solution company focused on empowering micro and small businesses as well as large corporates across South East Asia with high-impact, value-adding payment solutions that enable you to thrive and scale rapidly.
MCT Pay app affords increased convenience and flexibility, making your mobile phone as a POS, which can monitor all your transactions in online or physic store payments. Through MCT Pay digital payment solution, you can expend your business to new markets effortlessly though your e-commerce site.
MCT Pay digital payment solution enables faster and secure payments which dedicated an unique payment infrastructure to be designed for easy integration capabilities, your IT developers only use one API can manage all major payment channels in the world like as Alipay, WeChat Pay, Flash Pay, PayNow, Touch & Go, Google Pay, Visa/Master, UnionPay, GrabPay, KakaoPay, GCash, True Money, DANA which will offer the great payment experiences for your clients. With MCTPay, It’s more than payments!

MCT Pay virtual account, is designed for your growing business to thrive, which can hold SGD and 12 other currencies:
Use MCT Pay virtual account, you will be easily and securely to link Advanced and Developing countries in the world, be doing your business without worries for remitting and accepting funds from and to these countries in any currency.


Multi-currency Accounts

Manage and secure the best exchange rates across 13 currency exchange.

Seamless Payments

Manage domestic and cross board payments at true promotional exchange rates.

Best Exchange Rate

Enjoy the best exchange rates for fund transferring and remitting.

Fast Settlement and Secure Access

Receive fund instantly to be settled in any currency and in your account protected by the highest industry security system.

Peace of Mind

You and your loved ones can track your transfer every step of the way.

Great Value

More money makes it home thanks to our great rates, special offers, and great rates. No fees on your first transfer.

Delivery Time Guaranteed

You can trust that transfers will be delivered on time or we’ll refund your fees.

We also support Alipay and WeChat Pay top up services and ask friend to pay in Taobao.

Easy Onboarding

Efficient, zero-commitment onboarding as a customer or partner

Bespoke, Uncomplicated Solutions

Make payments in a few simple clicks on our secure, scalable platform

Robust Hedging Tools

Effectively protect your cash
flows, helping your business

Confidence-Inspiring Experts

Excellent service and support
from a team of expert

Empowering over 7,000+ Businesses

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